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You are probably familiar with the concept of consulting– you need help with a specific task and you get someone to do it. If we look at it from the consultants point of view you are one of the stakeholders consuming a certain amount of the consultants total available time.

The asset here is competence concentrated into chunks of time. With higher competence or higher demand for that specific competence the higher the prize gets for one chunk, and the number of chunks are limited.

Lets tranfer this into a crypto currency!

KimCoins are assets representing my consulting hours– one coin is one hour of my workweek. Each week or maybe month I release coins for sale and thereby my time gets a value based on my competence or the demand of my time. When you possess a KimCoin you can trade it in and then I will provide you with my competence for one hour/coin. You are also free to sell the coin to someone else and if the demand is high you can probably make money if the competence I provide is of high value. It is up to the market. 

Sometimes I’m kind and give away hours for free– so dont hesitate to contact me with your ideas!

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About me

I’m a restless problem solver driven by the desire to understand the need of a customer or a new technology– right before solving/developing it with new innovative ideas together with the customer. Help others grow and accomplish things they didn’t think they could do is a big deal for me.

Kim Myhrman